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[PS3] Plus de détails sur la méthode de hack de la PS3

Posté par damz le 25 Aout 2008

Plus de détails sur la méthode de hack de la PS3

En réponse à de nombreuses demandes, AOTC a publié plus de détails sur la marche à suivre :

Heres what you need to do!

1.You need two hds that are the same size eg 80gb x2 60gb x2 having problems with 40gig at the moment but need more testing.

2.Insert one of the Hdd into the ps3 and format it, then install Warhawk original disc fully and restart the ps3.

3.Now turn off your PS3 and pull out the Hdd

((Now you need winhex to clone the PS3 hdd onto your other hdd))

4.Ok after a few hours (about 2hrs depending on hdd size) of copying instert the non clone hdd back into the PS3 and switch on

5.Now instert Original Warhawk Disc and wait for the .png to show

6.right pull the Ps3 Hdd and swap the warhawk disc with Original motorstorm disc then instert your cloned hdd into your ps3

7.You should now see the ps3 logo on screen

8.And warhawk should start!

9.also try cod3/gtp had some luck with this, we have rls this so you can also test, if we had rls a video it would be flammed!

10. please dont flame until you try this is work in progress and will take some time but its an expliot!

You will need this....

Original Motorstorm Disc (proxey), had some luck with a cloned copy but needs more testing!

Original Warhawk Disc not fully tested downloaded yet! due to this being work in progress!

2 hdd ( i used 2 80gb)


This method seems to work if games save alot of data to the hdd! so there are loads to test, its a start but who knows one day soon maybe you will only need the original game once this is where we want to take it


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